April 24, 2023

X-Wars Original

As part of X-Wars: Resurrection I was going through old backups and found the original game from 2007 and brought it back to life and available for everyone interested...

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The old code…

Quite a while ago since I posted something last but I wanted to share this with everyone:

I was looking for an old version of X-Wars to help sharpen some memories around balancing and the game itself. Since it’s really old code I wasn’t expecting to make it fully work but it was easier than expected so I decided to not just bring it back to life for personal use but also give everyone interested a look back and actually play it.

So, bottom line:

  • X-Wars from somewhen around 2007 is running
  • I let it run in English without any other translations available
  • not everything works, expect that a lot of things are actually broken
  • i switched off all old “cheat protections” to make it easier for me to run (so please don’t exploit it…)
  • the old documentation/website seems to be lost from backups (but thanks to archive.org you can find that here: https://web.archive.org/web/20071219210127/http://en.x-wars.net/)
  • fleet interactions might not work and didn’t found an easy way to switch of the noob protection to test it, whoever has ships first and can attack someone, let me know! 😁
  • it was designed for a different time with significantly smaller resolutions and larger screens than we have today (sorry, not easy to increase font size, you might need glasses or increasing font-size in your browser 😉)

You can find it here: https://original.xwars.net/

Have fun!


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6 Screenshot 7 Screenshot 8 Screenshot 9 Screenshot 10


I’m actually quite thrilled that it still works after such a long time and that it was relatively easy to recover and make it work even though the oldest piece of code is more than 20 years old by now 😱😱😱. Running this version will have two major objectives for me:

  1. find out who’d like to play the first new version
  2. show this version to people who want to help building the new version but don’t know the old one

Currently I’m looking for some help around frontend development with EmberJS, just drop me a mail if you want to help: sebastian@xwars.net.


As said, it’s an old version and I’m not planning to keep it running forever but thought it might be interesting and while I’m working on the new version something to do for everyone. Keep in mind that there are bugs and quite a few things might not work properly/anymore.

Please be kind to everyone playing…

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